Pokeland Legends Apk


Pokéland ANDROID FEATURES: Guidance on α test by everyone This application is α test version. Everyone will be holding the alpha test between May 31st and June 9th. Everyone has an upper limit on the number of participants in the α test, there are times when you can not start the game. Let’s collect toys’ Pokemon! In “Pokeland” there are various toys Pokemon on various islands! Explore the island and collect toys’ Pokemon more and more! Refreshing action with easy operation! The toy’s Pokemon will move automatically. The easy operation just taps, you can enjoy the refreshing action! Challenge the Champion Tower! You can test the toys Pokemon collected at the Champion Tower! The stronger toy Pokemon appears as it goes to the upper floor! Can I clear all the missions prepared for the champion tower? [Contents that can be played on alpha test version] 6 islands, 52 stages Up to 15 F of champion tower 134 types of Pokemon appeared


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