For smartphones only with Tango Project (Lenovo Phab 2 Pro or Asus ZenPhone AR) SketchAR is an application through which the user sees a virtual image on the surface of which they are planning to trace a sketch. In one hand, the user holds a phone and sees a virtual image, while the other hand traces virtual lines already on the paper. /for who The app is useful to all those who have always wanted, but could not draw. Also, the app is helpful for professional artists, as a simple and convenient way to trace sketches. /technology This app is at the forefront of cutting edge technology based on computer vision that allows you to scan the environment and fix the virtual image over a real surface. The more powerful a smartphone you have, the more stable the application will be. FOR CORRECT DETECTION PLEASE FOLLOW THE TIPS! - A bright enough environment. Every AR-technology requires a sufficiently bright room. - If you will use SketchAR for small sizes of paper A4 please draw the special 4 circles. Your drawing can be a little bit weird but if it’s too uneven it won’t be detected. Keep the circles visible for your camera. Don’t forget to use a clipboard etc or your piece of paper will move during the process of sketching. - The app can work instability with smooth white walls but please be patient as evolution does not happen rapidly.

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