Crushh app

Crushh app
Does he or she like me?❤️ Crushh scans your texting relationships to see how much people like you…secretly. Use referral code “googleplay” if you found us in the Play Store. We’re doing our best to keep this free for everyone to use, but the analysis takes a lot of computing power. It’s why we put in cooldown times and may possibly make it referral- and invitation-only. If you download now, you won’t get locked out!😊 It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you’re in (crush, friend or family) – our app works for anyone who uses SMS texting to communicate. It’s the first Android tool of its kind and totally free! We’ll give you scores and charts of your closest relationships based on machine learning. “My teenage self thinks this app is a godsend. Finally I can know with scientific accuracy how much my crush is into me. Cast aside the plucked flower petals, origami fortune tellers or the crude love calculator tests, this is the real deal.” – The Guardian “Not only does it work for people in relationships but you can run it through messages with your own mom to find out if she really does love you” – The Daily Mail Think of the app as the best friend who is also a dating expert. Instead of dating advice from friends that rely on memory or guesswork, you get artificial intelligence (AI) based on data (your actual conversations) and algorithms that can interpret the words and patterns. It’s like having your own matchmaker or love calculator that understands how people communicate and can help translate feelings for you. We’re the “anti-dating-app” app, picking up where typical dating apps leave off. Instead of trying to match you with a stranger, we focus on the relationships you already have. There may be hidden meaning in your texts that can make them confusing, or mask true feelings. More than just sentiment analysis or texting statistics, Crushh can help translate the “body language” and meaning behind those words. Imagine having the ability to see the signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to break up with you. Or reveal someone you didn’t realize was secretly in love with you. No love quiz, psychic, or horoscope can do this (quite the same way). How it works: Simply download, sign up, and select the contact you want analyzed. Within seconds, the app will show you how much that person likes you compared to how much you like them. You’ll then get a score out of 5 indicating who likes who more, where a 2.5 means you like (or hate) each other equally. The algorithms basically work like a person does – factoring frequency, length, response times, and features within the texts like sentiment, words, punctuation and emoji usage.

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